Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

I loved this novel. It was short, easy-to-read, straight to the point. It touched on the important topics of life without being too philosophical, cheesy, or preaching. I loved both of the lead characters, and it was easy to make them up in my mind, without too much details from the writers. I loved all the little details that will stick to your idea of the novel after reading one: the truck, their hair, the stars, the desert.

It is a book about love. I thought the title was witty. They were named after the great minds of philosophy, and they thought about life — a lot. But in the end, figuring things out were not that complicated. They just needed to be honest with others and with themselves.

It was also interesting that the book doesn’t have the “he said” “she said” to much. There were less exposition as well, just dialogues from just the two characters talking, and it was enough to keep the story going. This has become one of my favorite YA novels.

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