Don’t Let Muggles Steal Your Magic

I will never understand why people see the Arts and Sciences or the other fields as different things. I will never understand how you can separate the fields from each other, because one way or another, all the fields overlap, and don’t you think it’s more fun that way? Learning is learning. Why be choosy about it?

Part II: Of Art and Wine

Part 2 of “Of Arts and Wine: Para Sa Kalikasan” Philippine-Malaysia Botanical Art Exhibition is now open until October 23, 2021.

Everything is Fucked

How can we change the world? Based on just the title, this book seems to be about Nihilism, but oddly enough, this book offers hope.

Mycology’s Influence in Arts

and media for the past years. Here’s a mini-timeline of Mycology’s influence in Arts and how Fungal Arts evolved over the years.

A Pair Of Silk Stockings

Women have lives and interests outside of being a wife and a mother, and they deserve to hold on to that identity and way of living regardless of any status.

Of Art and Wine

The World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated every 28th of July. It aims to engage nations in conserving biodiversity habitats and in protecting the world’s flora and fauna species. What better way to join the whole world in raising awareness for nature conservation than through visual arts? The Philippine Fauna Art Society in partnership with…

A Society

A Society is one of the short stories that was published in Viginia Woolf’s anthology, Monday or Tuesday. It tackles the patriarchy and male domination that prevails in their (and our) time and women’s efforts for equality. Almost all the characters were treated unfairly throughout the story, sometimes by fellow women, but most times, by…