What I wish I knew before grad school

Though I prepared significantly for my degree, nothing can prepare you well enough for the challenges and uncertainties of grad school. That said, here are some of the things I learned that I wish I knew before I signed up for grad school. It would have made my journey a lot more exciting (and probably easier).

PhilFAS partners with the NCCA for World Nature Conservation Day

Met new friends from Class Aves and Mammalia today. ❤️🦜@wildbirdclubofthephilippines Please join PhilFAS on July 5 as we open our “Para sa Kalikasan” exhibit at NCCA. We are excited to share with you our art and advocacy! Please join us at the opening of the Philippine Fauna Art Society’s 7th art exhibition Para sa Kalikasan…

Don’t Let Muggles Steal Your Magic

I will never understand why people see the Arts and Sciences or the other fields as different things. I will never understand how you can separate the fields from each other, because one way or another, all the fields overlap, and don’t you think it’s more fun that way? Learning is learning. Why be choosy about it?

Part II: Of Art and Wine

Part 2 of “Of Arts and Wine: Para Sa Kalikasan” Philippine-Malaysia Botanical Art Exhibition is now open until October 23, 2021.

Mycology’s Influence in Arts

and media for the past years. Here’s a mini-timeline of Mycology’s influence in Arts and how Fungal Arts evolved over the years.

Before the blood moon

Sometimes I still pinch myself as a reminder to live my life as it is now and stop worrying about the future. It may be a circus or a boring, monotonous life, just like how we (subconsciously) plan the future to be. I’m studying in my dream university and living in my dream apartment —…

Letters To A Young Scientist

No matter how much you love what you do, there comes a time when you’ll need wisdom, encouragement, war stories from someone more senior in the field, from someone who made it. No matter how hard you study, how much you try to catch up with the work, nothing will ever be enough for someone…