Hollow City

Aside from the Harry Potter series, Ransom Riggs’s books are my favorite fantasy novels. I like it when fantasy stories are weaved into reality. I also like London, their culture, their weather. Before I read this book series, I already know about the old photographs exhibited in the novels. I research about them. I am fascinated with the world wars, the clothes, the oddness of the people. I was truly captivated, and then this book series came along.

I like that it’s gothic but hopeful. I like that I see black and white with just a tinge of color, especially in Emma’s flames, her shoes, Olive’s tiara, and Millard’s books. I like the world that I create in my mind whenever I read his novels. There are real life lessons in here, too. This is one of the books I won’t tire of rereading.

Whenever I read these novels, I see myself as Emma. I love this world of peculiars.

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