The Ikigai Journey

“The Ikigai Journey” was the first book I’ve read about the matter. I felt I knew enough about the concept that at that point, what I needed was a game plan.

The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber was an epic of a woman’s journey through life. It showed how she experienced life using her extraordinary hearing. It was a book that made Sound one of the main characters. It forces you to embrace the darkness so you can hear as clearly as the main character does.

Everything is Fucked

How can we change the world? Based on just the title, this book seems to be about Nihilism, but oddly enough, this book offers hope.

A Pair Of Silk Stockings

Women have lives and interests outside of being a wife and a mother, and they deserve to hold on to that identity and way of living regardless of any status.

A Society

A Society is one of the short stories that was published in Viginia Woolf’s anthology, Monday or Tuesday. It tackles the patriarchy and male domination that prevails in their (and our) time and women’s efforts for equality. Almost all the characters were treated unfairly throughout the story, sometimes by fellow women, but most times, by…

The Story of an Hour

“The Story of an Hour” is a short story by Kate Chopin. It tackles how women crave for their own happiness instead of just adhering to the social expectations — that they will be fulfilled and be happiest only in marriage. Chopin was born in 1850 in St. Louis, Missouri. She followed a conventional path…

Negotiating With The Dead

It’s been a while since I’ve written a book review. I don’t even know how to automatically click through this Notion Page anymore. It took me quite a lot of tries to get here. My mind and my fingers automatically go to that Microbiology page, as if my life revolves around Science only, and I…

Lost for Words

This book is about the realities of literary prizes. The politics, power struggle, and popularity/eccentricity aspect of it all. The critics (on the first few pages) said that this book’s well-written, no misplaced comma, as they said. However, I didn’t appreciate this book. I didn’t connect with the characters at all and I barely remember…

Letters To A Young Scientist

No matter how much you love what you do, there comes a time when you’ll need wisdom, encouragement, war stories from someone more senior in the field, from someone who made it. No matter how hard you study, how much you try to catch up with the work, nothing will ever be enough for someone…