When the going gets rough

Whenever I feel like an imposter, I let myself go on paper, let the colours spill and allow the paint to take on a life of its own.

Bird Studies

Going back to my art routine had been hard lately. I cannot stress how difficult it is to establish a routine of making art while being a full-time employee and a full-time graduate student. I started little. I take a break in the afternoon to do a quick sketch or follow an online tutorial. I…

Directionless Sketches

I don’t often draw people. I rarely have people in my paintings. I want to focus and study something else for a change. Haven’t we got enough pictures of people on the internet? But I find that I need more and more familiarity in the past few days.

PhilFAS partners with the NCCA for World Nature Conservation Day

Met new friends from Class Aves and Mammalia today. ❤️🦜@wildbirdclubofthephilippines Please join PhilFAS on July 5 as we open our “Para sa Kalikasan” exhibit at NCCA. We are excited to share with you our art and advocacy! Please join us at the opening of the Philippine Fauna Art Society’s 7th art exhibition Para sa Kalikasan…

Part II: Of Art and Wine

Part 2 of “Of Arts and Wine: Para Sa Kalikasan” Philippine-Malaysia Botanical Art Exhibition is now open until October 23, 2021.

Mycology’s Influence in Arts

and media for the past years. Here’s a mini-timeline of Mycology’s influence in Arts and how Fungal Arts evolved over the years.

Of Art and Wine

The World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated every 28th of July. It aims to engage nations in conserving biodiversity habitats and in protecting the world’s flora and fauna species. What better way to join the whole world in raising awareness for nature conservation than through visual arts? The Philippine Fauna Art Society in partnership with…

The World’s Most Powerful Birds of Prey Need Us

Filipinos used to live closer to nature. The pre-colonial Philippines had a rich culture where people lived and cared for a paradise. It was, as our heroes and members of Katipunan also considered, the closest we’ve ever had to a Golden Age. It was the age of acceptance of diversity, equal treatment of women, creativity,…

Like Body And Soul

For the longest time, I felt stuck in the middle of an endless tug-of-war game between Science and Arts. I heard all of the discouragement you can possibly hear — especially from my family, friends, mentors, people who’re supposed to do the opposite. I heed their advice — stupid me. They said Arts is a…

Floral Sketches in January

I challenged myself to create 10 floral artworks last year, and I started with acrylic and watercolor paintings. Midway through my semester, my academic requirements became too much for me to create an artwork every week. This January, while writing my thesis proposal and preparing for the next semester, I managed to finish that challenge….