Delicious Foods

This is the third book I’ve read that tackles Black Lives, 2nd about slavery (next to Uncle Tom’s Cabin). I really liked the book. It is gripping with just enough intrigue and confusion to keep you turning the pages.

The most memorable element for me was the changes in the narration — from Scotty (up to you to figure out who this is in the first few chapters of the book), the main character’s POV, and his mother’s. It forced me to look into the lives of the individual people that were victimized by slavery, even in the 21st century.

I don’t fancy that I know enough about the history of slavery in America after reading just a few books, but this book gave me a glimpse of it. Aside from the obvious theme of the book, there were also a lot of life lessons that were told without making you cringe. I always love this about a book 😉

I made the mistake of reading this book before bed, and it made me queasy (or guilty) about having a comfortable bed to sleep in. If you don’t want that burden before bed, I suggest you read this during daytime.

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