Quick Sketches During Quarantine

Here are every quick sketches I’ve drawn in 2020. This doesn’t include my floral and acrylic paintings, mainly figure drawing exercises from @Croquiscafe and @LoveLifeDrawing. I took the #figuary challenge in August.

There were several off days but I powered through. The challenge was supposed to be for 28 days, but it took me a few months to finish. It’s not easy to stick to habits, no matter how happy they make you when you’re struggling with acadademic deadlines, work, and mental health. Regardless, I was glad that I finished the challenge. I still have a lot to learn. It’s alright. Just as Kenzo always says… more tools in my toolbox.

I bought a smaller sketchpad this 2021. I still miss days of drawing practice, but I’ve been more consistent lately just by using a smaller sketchpad. The pages are easy to fill, so you get a sense of accomplishment after a drawing session. It’s also less intimidating than an A5-sized notebook. I hope I can keep up with this pace throughout the year. Here’s to a more creative year!

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