What saved me from my reading slump

I was stuck in a reading slump for months earlier this year. The coursework and writing assignments were overwhelming, and I barely had time to live my life — much less time to live someone else’s life by immersing myself in a book. The book I was reading last before the slump was The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes, which is a gigantic omnibus. Needless to say, reading in bed at night isn’t as easy as I would have hoped.

I have my Kindle, of course, but the drive simply wasn’t there. Reading on a device isn’t as “satisfying” as flipping the pages of a real book and seeing how closer and closer you come to the end with every page your read. I figured I needed those small wins, no matter how silly they are, whenever I read.

Since I already post my book reviews on my website, why not post them on the appropriate social media site? I finally joined Goodreads last month to keep myself accountable, and to have a definite reading goal for the year. Since I regularly see my reading goal using my Kindle and other gadgets, I’m more motivated to finish the book and put it back in my “shelf.” It’s also a great way to meet friends and learn what they think about your favorite books.

The most helpful features of the app for me was the progress updates. You can update app depending on how many pages or percent of the book you’ve finished with each reading session, and that really motivated me to read more. It reached a point when I don’t worry about the progress anymore and fully immersed on the adventures of Sherlock and Dunstan in Stardust. My momentum was back in no time.

Regardless of what you want to pursue, you’ll always need three things: passion, competence, and community.

Reading isn’t an exemption. Knowing that other people are out there, enjoying the same books, and possibly being mesmerized with the same words, bring a certain comfort to an otherwise lonely hobby.

Reading, though a solitary activity, is sometimes more fun with company.

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