Rereading “Pride and Prejudice”

After putting of rereading this book for the past few years, I finally found the time during the pandemic. I first read this classic when I was in college, and despite the timeless theme of the book, I found it hard to relate to Elizabeth. She was too sharp for me then.

I set it aside for a while and read other novels. Now that I’m older (and has the version with the “cheat codes”), I gave it another go and found a bestfriend so ahead of her time. Using the professor’s notes, I was able to chuckle at her cheekiness. I also understood that “morning” in their time is anytime between breakfast and dinner.

Aside from understanding the context of Jane’s puns, I realized the similarities between her life and mine, her ideas and mine. I realized that being a feminist doesn’t mean giving up my faith in love. It doesn’t mean giving up my independence, either. Women need to be independent, to have a place and mind of their own, but they also need the “option” to be weak — to be cared for by their favorite person. It showed that I’m similar to Elizabeth in more ways than one. We’re both sharp, but not always the best looking. We’re also both so independent and self-reliant that we fail to be compassionate or patient with other’s shortcomings at times.

I tend to always see myself as the better man, but the truth is, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing most of the time. I’m just as clueless as everybody. I’m intelligent, but not always the smartest one. I’m talented, but not always the most talented one.

I’ve learned a lot of things while reading the book, but I think the best lesson I’ve got this time is to admit that I’m just as clueless as everybody else. If fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that nobody knows what he/she’s doing. All of us are just winging it. But all of us try our best, and I think that gives everyone a rightful margin of error.

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