The Ikigai Journey

I first learned about Ikigai from a brand of planner I often buy before the new year starts. The intersection of passion, skill, service, and practicality pulled me to learn more about this Japanese concept. I read articles, watched videos, and listened to webinars.

I wanted to live my life happily, and while passion plays a huge part in that, I wanted to be my own patron, as well.

“The Ikigai Journey” was the first book I’ve read about the matter. I felt I knew enough about the concept that at that point, what I needed was a game plan.

What I loved most about the book were its real-life examples and worksheets. It made the application of the concepts I learned easier. However, just like any self-help book, it’s not easy to implement everything you learn all at once. It’s not a book you’ll devour and hope to apply the next day. You’ll need to apply the mindset, habits, and changes little by little until eventually, you’ll find something you’d be happy to do and learn about for the rest of your life.

The only thing I’d change about the book is its grammatical and spelling errors. The mistakes gave an otherwise informational book about life organization and inspiration a sense of sloppiness. Still, I’d recommend this book for those who have several passions in life and are still on crossroads about it.

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