Everything is Fucked

How can we change the world? Based on just the title, this book seems to be about Nihilism, but oddly enough, this book offers hope.

Everything is Fucked talks about the world’s reality and our own place in it. Do we really matter? Does anything matter? If I do good now, will it make a difference? What is suffering for? There were some things I didn’t agree about in this book, mainly about how we should give up hope altogether and focus on doing the good thing, right here, right now. Perhaps it’s because I can’t give up hope just yet. It was the only thing that kept me going. And because everything is fucked up, it sucks to keep on going without the hope that everything is going to be better in the future. It just has to.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Yes, compared to the holocaust, the world wars, the Dark Ages, we have it easier, but I’d like to think that the great thinkers of the previous generations were able to surpass those great tragedies because they dreamed of a better future.

I agree that we should treat actions and people as ends, not means. I agree that we should do good things just for the sake of doing it, but I refuse to give up hope. Intention and drive come from focusing on the “now,” but progress comes from hoping for a better future.

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