Mycology’s Influence in Arts

Mycology has influenced the Arts for centuries. Several artists have used fungi both as the subject and media for the past years. Here’s a mini-timeline of Mycology’s influence in Arts and how Fungal Arts evolved over the years.

Richard Doyle (1824-1883)

  • Title: “Fairy Rings and Toadstools” (Lithograph)
  • Russula-like mushrooms with fairies dancing around them

Beatrix Potter (1886-1943)

  • Amateur scientist due to sexism and misogyny of London’s Linnaean Society in her time (not her fault)
  • Botanical art and watercolor illustrations of mushrooms

Roger Bansermer (1948)

  • Title: “Mushrooms”
  • Size: 5×7 in. (framed size is 11 x 13 in.)
  • Mushroom description: Agaricus bisporus

Megan Aroon-Duncanson (1972)

  • Title: “MushroomLand”
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Mushroom description: allegorical mushroom, possibly a Mycena

Tarsh Bates

  • Focused on the relationship of humans and yeasts
  • Title: Surface dynamics of adhesion (detail) (2016) exhibition view at Art Laboratory Berlin, Spring 2016
  • Refers to the cultural, social, psychological, and not least microbiological aspects of Candida albicans

Vera Meyer

  • Mycologist Vera Mayer uses mycelia to create mushroom sculptures.
  • Title: “Champi (gn) ons” (2017) Parasol mushroom, iron stand, shellac, rust


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