Before the blood moon

Sometimes I still pinch myself as a reminder to live my life as it is now and stop worrying about the future. It may be a circus or a boring, monotonous life, just like how we (subconsciously) plan the future to be.

I’m studying in my dream university and living in my dream apartment — alone, peaceful, and creative. I’m doing the things that I love, things that I plan to learn and be crazy about for life.

I still can’t believe I’m making money off of these things I intended to do just for fun. In my early 20s, I thought being a Scientist/Writer/Artist was a childish whim, an ideal life. I thought I would have to have a “real job” to support this lifestyle. But I’m here, on the rooftop of my first real home. I’m waiting for the eclipse and will get back to my article and Mycology assignment in a while.

I wonder if I’ll miss this moment, five years from now, living a life unfathomable at the moment, or a life I’ve meticulously orchestrated. Five years from now, I wonder how I’ll remember this night at the rooftop.

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