The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden

This book isn’t up there with my favorite ones, but it’s a feel good adventure epic. It’s about a smart girl and her journey from South Africa to being a friend of the king and the prime minister of Sweden.

Nombeko Mayeki is an inspiring character. She reminds me of Hermione Granger. My favorite element of the book is how it’s told. It’s similar to a children’s book. The words were simple; it breaks the rules of not using too many descriptive words, but it worked. I think it balances the too political and details of the history in the book (but it was still too much, for a person who doesn’t know much about world politics). As crazy at it sounds, the reason why I kept reading was because of my annoyance with the stupid characters of this book. I wanted to find out how Nombeko kept everyone safe and alive every chapter.

I also feel that behind the colorful characters and the odd way they interact with each other have underlying meanings, but since I don’t know about politics that much, it just flies over my head. This irritates me. I’ve read quite a few books about politicians, mostly memoirs, but I haven’t studied politics in detail. I’ll probably do this, and when I know more, I’ll read this book again.

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