The Thorn Necklace, by Francesca Lia Block

I liked that the book is a combination of a memoir, essays on writing, book recommendations, breakdown of some classics, and tips on how to become a better writer. All in all, this book added so much value into my life, both personally and as a professional writer. I even added flags and highlights to the book so I can easily find the bits I want to go back to later.

I liked how she describes things, especially how people look. She compared them to mythical creatures. The images she painted of people were simple, but she didn’t do well in describing places. Maybe in her novels, she does but I wouldn’t know as I haven’t read any of her fiction works . I liked that her writing was direct, and yet, she managed to string beautiful phrases here and there. I want to learn how to write like that.

There were a lot of actionable tips on this book, and it is a great read for people who want to improve their storytelling skills.

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