The Good House

The book is about a 60-year old alcoholic woman who is very successful in her business but wants to be loved by someone, by her children. She wants to be remembered by her grandson. She is smart, cunning, funny, and unapologetic. She often says ignorant haphazard comments about things and brush it off saying, “It’s not a big deal.” She does this with comments about the younger generation, her opinions on other people, her daughter’s mental health.

Despite her shortcomings, I like her, Hildy Good. She’s what I think I would be when I grow up, minus the divorce, alcoholism, and the status of her relationships with other people at the start of the novel. I like her witticism. She reminds me of my grandmother.

The theme of the book is the troubles of a 60 year-old woman finding and keeping love made complicated by her regrets in life and denial. She needs love, comfort, and security. What she wants though, is validation from other people, which she would have easily got if she was not too busy defending herself, being in denial, and attacking people who are trying to help her. I wouldn’t blame her, though. She lived her life taking care of herself, of everything.

I think the reason why I loved this book is because I see myself in her. She represents my worst tendencies.

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