The Ikigai Journey

“The Ikigai Journey” was the first book I’ve read about the matter. I felt I knew enough about the concept that at that point, what I needed was a game plan.

Don’t Let Muggles Steal Your Magic

I will never understand why people see the Arts and Sciences or the other fields as different things. I will never understand how you can separate the fields from each other, because one way or another, all the fields overlap, and don’t you think it’s more fun that way? Learning is learning. Why be choosy about it?

A Pair Of Silk Stockings

Women have lives and interests outside of being a wife and a mother, and they deserve to hold on to that identity and way of living regardless of any status.

The importance of gratitude

I haven’t always had a proper morning routine. I thought that to be productive, all I have to do is plan my day from the moment I take my shower to before I sign off for the day. Whatever happens outside of my work/study hours, I just wing it. I was productive and functional, but…

Let’s stop this toxic cycle

The people we lose aren’t always losses. Sometimes, they’re the extra crates that slow the motion of our boats. I should know. I grew up with these people. I lived with these people. Some of us are the happiest when we were children. I know I was. I didn’t need much to be happy. I…