When the going gets rough

Whenever I feel like an imposter, I let myself go on paper, let the colours spill and allow the paint to take on a life of its own.

Part II: Of Art and Wine

Part 2 of “Of Arts and Wine: Para Sa Kalikasan” Philippine-Malaysia Botanical Art Exhibition is now open until October 23, 2021.

Like Body And Soul

For the longest time, I felt stuck in the middle of an endless tug-of-war game between Science and Arts. I heard all of the discouragement you can possibly hear — especially from my family, friends, mentors, people who’re supposed to do the opposite. I heed their advice — stupid me. They said Arts is a…

Floral Sketches in January

I challenged myself to create 10 floral artworks last year, and I started with acrylic and watercolor paintings. Midway through my semester, my academic requirements became too much for me to create an artwork every week. This January, while writing my thesis proposal and preparing for the next semester, I managed to finish that challenge….

Les fleurs en quarantaine (4/10)

I made a list of the artworks I want to make in quarantine. Some items on the list are floral paintings bird sketches figure drawings… So far, I’ve accomplished 4/10 in my floral paintings and sketched a few birds. Painting has always been a refuge for me. It is my sanctuary and one of the…

“Hinahon” (Serenity)

The most beautiful things in life are also the most fragile. Serenity or “Hinahon” in Tagalog is one of my most treasured gifts. It’s not everyday that I receive it, but when I do, I make sure to be grateful for it and hope that it will be given more often. Most times, I receive…

Using Baybayin in my art-signature

When I did a workshop for an orphanage a few months ago, I brought some paintings with me to show the kids. I discovered I haven’t signed some of the paintings, and out of a whim, I signed it in Baybayin. Baybayin is the native handwriting of my people, Tagalog.  The most famous painter in the…