Don’t Let Muggles Steal Your Magic

I will never understand why people see the Arts and Sciences or the other fields as different things. I will never understand how you can separate the fields from each other, because one way or another, all the fields overlap, and don’t you think it’s more fun that way? Learning is learning. Why be choosy about it?

Mycology’s Influence in Arts

and media for the past years. Here’s a mini-timeline of Mycology’s influence in Arts and how Fungal Arts evolved over the years.

My place in arts

As with other artists, my love for arts started even way before I knew that what I was doing was arts. I thought the label was only reserved for the murals in museums, the marble sculptures of the maestros, and the incomprehensible hodgepodge of paint and ideas of the contemporary artists. For me, I was…


Five of my paintings now have a new guardian — They’re an amazing gallery that connects Filipino artists and Filipino art enthusiasts and collectors abroad. Here are the paintings I listed under Vintana. Hardin Halimuyak Himlay I’m really excited for this new partnership, an avenue where I can share my art and my stories…