Giraffe painting

This is my first acrylic painting since last year. I’ve been playing with watercolour, sure, but that’s just because it’s the easiest medium to grab when I’m on the go. This is the first time I’ve really sat down and worked on a painting for a long time. I’ve been planning to paint a giraffe…


This elephant painting was commission for a baby’s room. I named the elephant Ellie because I just think it suits him. I kept referring to him as Ellie, so the challenge of painting won’t be so daunting for a newbie like me.

Chowchow painting

This painting was commissioned by a friend I met in medschool. She’s a dog-owner (all chowchows), so she wanted them as subjects of the painting. I definitely had fun working on all those fluffy furs.


Maia Enriquez Himlay, (2017) Acrylic on canvass, 15.7″ x 19″   “Himlay” is probably the closest one to my heart. I created this artwork during one of my darkest moments — when I was suffering from insomnia and depression, when dreams were just as blurry and scary as my real life. I couldn’t seem to…


Maia Enriquez Hardin, (2017) Acrylic on canvass, 19″ x 15.7″ I was living in the city for two years when I painted Hardin. I terribly missed the country, the fog, and our garden. I missed looking out of my bedroom window and seeing Mt. Makiling and our garden’s flower beds instead of hard bricks and the…

Tulips III

Since I had so much fun painting vibrant tulips, I decided to make another one (a more realistic version this time). The vibrant colours are still there, but I chose a darker background to emphasise the brightness of the flowers. Another aunt of mine bought this painting, along with the elephant painting, the garden painting,…

Tulips II

This floral painting was commissioned by my aunt. She just said she wants something floral in their living room. I was experimenting on floral painting that month. I started with the muted background, went crazy with the colours and textures, added the squiggly leaves, and showered it with more colours. I didn’t even think about…


Here’s my first take on abstract painting. I like how the flowers turned out but I could’ve done a better job on the background.

Practice Floral Paintings

I’ve always been fascinated with flowers, and you probably already noticed that it is a common theme in my paintings. When I’m uninspired and unmotivated, I can never go wrong with painting flowers. Here are some practice paintings before I worked on my bigger commissioned floral artworks.

“A173” Seascape Painting

This was my first commissioned artwork. It was copied from a photo taken by my cousin (also the patron of this painting). I just started painting again when he sent me a message, asking me to paint their docked ship, A173. I enjoyed recreating the mountain and the ship in this painting. I had doubts…